Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dear Southern Lady?
"Dear" is a play on words to convey it's dual meaning: the term of affection and the salutation.

Dear Southern Lady is a platform to showcase a lovely collection of jewelry, ranging from antique pieces to hand-selected manufactured collections to exclusive pieces that I have personally designed. 

Jewelry is fun and exciting. It's meaningful and treasured. It's personality and expression of style. Even still, I wanted Dear Southern Lady to be more.

Because people are more than the jewelry they acquire, I wanted this also to be a place to showcase inspiring women, beautiful design, southern staples, thoughts and writings, and a little mischievous wit. Because I can't help myself. 

Dear Southern Lady is a jewelry shop with unique pieces to purchase and classic staples to enjoy. And heartwarming grandmother stories. And well-loved recipes. And classic design inspiration. And poignant, encouraging words. And the list goes on and on and on...


Can you help me with redesigning a piece that I already own?
Yes! This is one of my favorite things to do! I have said many times: don't let your jewelry just sit and collect dust. Use it! Sometimes pieces need reinventing, and I'm happy to provide several ideas, be honest if it is not worth the investment, and get a price quote from my source of jewelers. The initial cost is $75 for a redesign consultation for one or many pieces from the same session.  

Can you do a custom search for me?
Yes! I request you provide a budget, and I look for the piece that's right for you. Or I can have anything custom made.

If I have an idea of what I want, can I get something manufactured?
Yes! I can get anything made. The metals used will be 14 or 18k white gold, 14 or 18k yellow gold, or platinum. I will send you a price estimate, a CAD render of the piece for you to approve, and then the jewelry production starts. The process is relatively quick, and I can work with your timeline.