Whitney Lee grew up the youngest of 3 girls in a one stoplight town in south Louisiana called Napoleonville. With the town being located about 60 miles from New Orleans and 50 miles from Baton Rouge, excursions to the city were frequent. Being the baby of the family, Whitney was carted along for adventures of shopping, theater, and dining with the ladies. The trip to the city was often the same: a breakfast of hot beignets with "coffee milk", listening to Dr. Laura Schlessinger on talk radio for the drive over the Bonnet Carré spill way, eating lunch at Commanders Palace, and shopping for European antiques on Royal Street. 

While the walks down Royal Street and Magazine were appreciated and awe-inspiring, so were the days visiting her grandmother and going to Webster's Flea Market near Dade City, Florida. That was where she first tasted a kumquat and bargained for a deal on a circus book. Seemingly small challenges, her Nana encouraged her with both. 

Growing up near her other grandmother, she easily noticed her way. Doll, as they called her, was so chic, so sophisticated, the most kind, and a decorator, of all things, in that small town. 

Those attributes, all noticed, all appreciated, is the culmination of who Whitney is. Her mom and dad's message was always the same: you're not better than anyone; you're not beneath anyone. And you can do anything you want to do. 

Mix small town ways with designer fabric samples, mixed with Limoges plates bought at flea market, mixed with Royal street antique shopping, mixed with a fried bread dough supper, and a fearless attitude.

And that's me. I mean, her. 

Whitney has bought and sold antique jewelry for 14 years. She has also redesigned old pieces, custom designed new pieces with sourced gemstones. Whitney has been guided by the tutorship and encouragement of 5 distinct jewelers since 2009. This is her first website for ecommerce. 

Whitney lives in Auburn, Alabama with her husband, Andrew, their two sons, John Henry and Matthew as well as their dogs, the English Field Cockers, Harry and Honey, and a long-haired Chihuahua, Lady.