What is Dear Southern Lady?

"Dear" is a play on words to convey it's dual meaning: the term of affection and the salutation.

Dear Southern Lady is a platform to showcase a lovely collection of jewelry, ranging from antique pieces to hand-selected manufactured collections to exclusive pieces that I have personally designed. 

Jewelry is fun and exciting. It's meaningful and treasured. It's personality and expression of style. Even still, I wanted Dear Southern Lady to be more.

Because people are more than the jewelry they acquire, I wanted this also to be a place to showcase inspiring women, beautiful design, southern staples, thoughts and writings, and a little mischievous wit. Because I can't help myself. 

Dear Southern Lady is a jewelry shop with unique pieces to purchase and classic staples to enjoy. And heartwarming grandmother stories. And well-loved recipes. And classic design inspiration. And poignant, encouraging words. And the list goes on and on and on...