Beauty with Your Big Sister

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen the campaign series that I'm doing called "Beauty with Your Big Sister." Adrienne is my oldest sister, and she is my go-to guru with all things beauty. 

The beauty industry is entirely overwhelming to me. I know about using everyday sunscreen, and I do not bask in the sun...but the Vitamins, the concentration levels, the order of which to do these things...

And that's just scratching the surface. 

I've asked Adrienne to take us on a journey starting with the very basics. We will add on periodically. 

So far, we have covered everyday sunscreens, Vitamin C serums and gummies, and Retin-A. 

For summertime sunscreens for me and my kids, I am passionate about using non-toxic sunscreens when I can. I plan to compose a list of sunscreens that are "safe". Generally, the ingredients should read "Zinc Oxide" and "Titanium Dioxide". 

I got these at Target for the 4th of July weekend. Blue Lizard is my favorite of these shown. Babyganics and Bare Republic both leave a white film on your skin a while. I'm not too bothered by it, but my husband hates it. 

Overall, I am happy with these choices and how they protect our skin from the sun. I know there are several more products that are quality and safe! Please share if you have a brand that you love. 

"Beauty with Your Big Sister" will be a fun journey of beauty products, treatments, and topics. I'm looking forward to sharing more soon. We have even talked of doing video tutorials. 

Thank you for coming along on the journey from jewelry to beauty. It takes a lot to make a woman, doesn't it?