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Blessings from The Lord in the Form of Laura Mercier Lipgloss

I try to reciprocate her generosity and offer what I can. Heading to Montgomery, I asked if I could get anything for her or run an errand. She asks that if I had time, could I stop at Bella. My reaction is “Of course! Finally, something I can do to serve her!” When my son had the accident, we had so many people send meals, toys, letters, books, wonderful, generous and kind gestures! She did as well, and she insisted on getting us meals when we were between the meal sign ups, even though we were gifted many restaurant gift cards. When she sent us food, it was gourmet, and it was abundant. So, my simple offer of an errand...

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"I Need Prayer" circa 2010

Enjoy this blog post from Dear Newlywed Whit, June 9, 2010 entitled "I Need Prayer: My everyday china pattern is discontinued. I only have 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, and 1 cup and saucer! Empire by Gien, I loved you so much, what little I had of you...Momma found a website that still features my precious Empire pattern. I found a contact number that was 14 numbers long and called right away. I just got off of the phone with the woman who answered, "Alo?" (The chic, French "hello", gets me every time). That short conversation probably cost me $100. She told me it was midnight where she lived, so she would see what she could do in the morning.Please pray!...

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"Becoming Domestic" circa 2010

Enjoy this blog post from Dear Newlywed Whit, May 4, 2010 entitled "Becoming Domestic":  "My one year anniversary is coming up, and I am still making some elementary mistakes when it comes to my wifely duties.I want to host a class called "Becoming Domestic" for all new brides, except I don't know how to do much of anything. I asked a local kitchen store if the owner would be interested in teaching a class, as I have yet to learn the in's and out's of wife-dom. They were intrigued, and I spatted off some of the topics I was interested in: meal planning, tablescapes, gardening, basic sewing, party planning, and even prayer life as a new wife.(There has been a...

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