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Peach crisp

If you enjoy peaches, you have an opinion on this question: which state has the best peaches? I posed this question on Instagram story highlights last week. I asked, "Which state has the best peaches? Alabama, Georgia, or South Carolina?  I messaged Georgia bred, James Farmer, and naturally he replied, "Of course Georgia, my dear."  I can't blame him. But he is wrong.  Momma was driving home from North Carolina, and she delivered South Carolina peaches as she stopped through on her way home to Louisiana. They were delicious, sweet, and I took plenty extra because I knew I wanted to make peach crisp.  But to give my opinion regarding the best peaches, I think they come from Alabama.  Peach...

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Cheers: Whiskey Sours

Whiskey Sour Recipe  My dear Texas friend, Ms. Glenda Swan, gave me this recipe. Does anyone else think of whiskey sours as a throwback drink of the late 80s? It’s like all of our mom’s friends had jello salad and whiskey sour recipes. My other Texas friend, Alicia Cloeren, gave me a more sophisticated recipe for WS. But this 4 ingredient one will do for tonight. Prepping for my Zoom cocktail party with, you guessed it, another Texas friend, Shelby Ames. Pitcher Whiskey Sour from Ms. Glenda1 can frozen lemonade, undiluted1 can water 1 can Jack Daniels Splash of orange juice Enjoy! Follow my friends here:  Glenda Swan, Shelby Ames, Alicia Cloeren   

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