"I Need Prayer" circa 2010

Enjoy this blog post from Dear Newlywed Whit, June 9, 2010 entitled "I Need Prayer: 

My everyday china pattern is discontinued. I only have 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, and 1 cup and saucer! Empire by Gien, I loved you so much, what little I had of you...

Momma found a website that still features my precious Empire pattern. I found a contact number that was 14 numbers long and called right away. I just got off of the phone with the woman who answered, "Alo?" (The chic, French "hello", gets me every time). That short conversation probably cost me $100. She told me it was midnight where she lived, so she would see what she could do in the morning.

Please pray! I guess if there's no hope, I can be one of those eclectic, shabby chic people that have different patterns of china at their table setting.

I really don't want to be one of those people.