Mystery Devotional Lady: Valentine's Day

As many of you know, I share Mystery Devotional Lady's sweet prayers from time to time. Here are her words from February 14, 2013. I hope this makes you smile. 

"Lord, Thank You for Valentine's Day. Help each of us share God's love daily. Help us to walk close to You, reading Your Word, and doing our best to live it. Forgive us when we sin, help us to grow more like Jesus each day!

Thank You, Lord, for filling our life with the joy of the Lord! Fill us with Your love , grace, and mercy. Give us strength and knowledge to walk daily with You. Keep the path before us safe. Please keep each of us well. Please supply our every need. Help us always have the money to pay our bills. Bless our nation. Please don't allow the President to take our freedoms. Help our nation turn back to God. 

Help us walk daily with You. Fill us with the joy of the Lord!" 

On the Dear Southern Lady Instagram page, I have a story highlight entitled, "Faith". More of the Mystery Devotional Lady's words can be found there.