Cheers: Whiskey Sours

Whiskey Sour Recipe 

My dear Texas friend, Ms. Glenda Swan, gave me this recipe. Does anyone else think of whiskey sours as a throwback drink of the late 80s? It’s like all of our mom’s friends had jello salad and whiskey sour recipes. My other Texas friend, Alicia Cloeren, gave me a more sophisticated recipe for WS. But this 4 ingredient one will do for tonight. Prepping for my Zoom cocktail party with, you guessed it, another Texas friend, Shelby Ames.

Pitcher Whiskey Sour from Ms. Glenda

1 can frozen lemonade, undiluted
1 can water
1 can Jack Daniels
Splash of orange juice

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Glenda Swan, Shelby Ames, Alicia Cloeren