This Impactful Design

Excerpt from my Blog Post from February 9, 2011:
Being the baby of the family, I was my mom's sidekick. I'd often copy my sisters, but with the majority of my time being spent with momma, I was mainly interested in the things that interested her. 

We'd watch TV shows together after cooking supper (before noon) and before Young and the Restless which was the time I napped. Some of our favorites were The Little House on the Prairie, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, I Dream of Jeannie, and my personal favorite, Bewitched. 

One thing I vividly remember about Bewitched: Samantha's necklace. 
I specifically remember telling my mom that I liked her necklace; I liked the way it "sat." Not knowing the terminology, I think I was trying to say that I liked how Samantha's necklace didn't have a bail. The heart hangs from two seperate chains. 
Come to find out, I'm not the only one to have noticed Sam's necklace. There's several websites talking of how the heart was a gift to Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha Stevens) from her husband, the director of Bewitched. It was special to her, as she wore it on episodes 2-101, and then some. 
This memory of watching Bewitched tickles me because even as a little girl, I noticed this. I noticed this necklace and liked something about it. My career in the jewelry business wasn't unbelievably obvious from childhood till now, but if I stop and think about it, this has been a long time coming.
February 23, 2021: 
Y'all know how I love to hate on a heart design. But as I say about dogs and children: I like them...selectively. The same could be said for hearts. Heart lockets: small and sweet. Heart charms: puffy and with diamonds. Heart diamonds: pretty much never. 
But I will be featuring the puffy diamond slide pendant on the site in white and yellow gold. What do you think? Have I lost my mind or is this in the wheelhouse of Dear Southern Lady? 
I think all of those Bewitched episodes really impacted me.