Two Whitney's

"What do you do?"
I answer that question depending on who's asking. 
There's "Regular Whitney" who enjoys selling diamonds, estate jewelry and redesigns. Most often, I'm "Dear Southern Lady" forward. 
But then there's "Sporting Whitney". Sporting Whit sells hunts to Argentina. I realize this is unexpected, and I can explain. 
My husband, being a sporting and wildlife artist, frequents game fairs throughout the south. I, being a verbose side kick, like to meet new people at these game fairs. 
I meet Argentine lodge owner, lodge owner needs a rep, I know bird hunters, boom: 6 years later, and we're basically family. 
The outdoor industry has been a wonderful addition to our life. Having boys, my aesthetic has grown more handsome vs pretty which is indicative in the pieces that I have curated in The Home Collection
The trick is to incorporate handsome pieces in a rich setting, but pair with inherited classics like porcelain, silver, art, linens and such. I am particularly fond of these options: 
And yes, this outlet of mine was the inspiration behind The Sporting Collection. 
Three years ago, Andrew and I were headed out to Dallas Safari Club, and I wrote this story. Enjoy. 
Because I forgot my book, I decided to write a story about our morning: "I hauled my luggage up the escalator as fast as I could. I even skipped steps. In my mink and leather trench coat, I ran, I panted, and I began to get really hot while looking for Gate C 10. We heard “final boarding for Dallas Love Gate C 10” when we were breezing by C3. And that’s when I gave up; I couldn’t run anymore. My chest hurt, my legs couldn’t do it. I think it was the over-eager escalator lunges that got me. I kept a fast paced walking speed, but I had to do something more. To make sure that everyone in concourse C of the ATLANTA airport knew we were from Alabama, I yelled, “Run, Andrew, run!” to get to the gate on time. They had already closed it.
I wish now were the part of the story where I say that I knew the gate ticket guy, and good ol Whit saves the day with some crazy, small world, Auburn-Napoleonville-LSU-Charleston insider connection. But that’s wasn’t the case. Andrew made it there first, and the gate ticket guy said, “Man, you just made it. We are still seating the passengers.” So I would like to humbly thank you: you slow-playing, early morning passengers of the 7:10AM flight on Southwest in Atlanta. You dragging your feet really helped The Lees today. I consider it sheer providence that there were more than normal wheelchair passengers, slow-players, and a lot of carry ons to stow. While I am thankful for those things, I am bitter towards you, TSA. Here’s my PSA for the TSA: Andrew’s duck motif belt and art work are NOT a bomb. So we’ve confirmed. Through 2 scans. Of the same electronic device.
I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I’ll be at Dallas Safari Club. So to all of you from the southwest cabin, enjoy the rest of your day."