"Who was she?"

Selling estate jewelry for quite some time now, the question is inevitable: "Who was she?" 

This especially applies in particularly show-stopping pieces. Naturally, people are curious. Yet so much of the time, I simply don't know. 

In the case of Mrs. Janice Brittingham, I was able to gather some tid bits. She liked jewelry, nice jewelry, and a lot of it. She had her things monogrammed "Bossy Boots", a yacht named Azure, and I forget if she named her plane. 

She traveled the world collecting jewelry, and I can assume this was the case for her art, furniture, and other treasures she acquired. 

I've been given the distinct honor of showcasing Mrs. Brittingham's collection of unique jewelry to you, my friends and customers. The pleasure has been mine to have befriended the family of Bossy Boots herself. I intend to showcase her well, and as you can see, I've enjoyed the privilege of donning some of her luxurious pieces of jewelry. 

While an extravagant photoshoot on a yacht would have provided the esthetic this collection deserves, I was able to enjoy and present the opulence through a photo session with my dear friend of Haint Blue Collective, Kate Gwin. 

Enjoy the artistry and grandeur of Mrs. Brittingham's personal collection of jewelry available exclusively through Dear Southern Lady.