Best Summertime Recipes: Key Lime Pie

Mom gave me this recipe when I lived in Atlanta. She said she's had this recipe since high school.

I lived in Buckhead with my cousin, Carmen, for 8 weeks the summer before my senior year in college. I had an internship at a corporate Psychology firm downtown, and it was fun playing house, trying new recipes with my cousin. Carmen thought my easy recipes were delicious!

This was also the summer that I made broiled shrimp and 72 hours later, she frantically rushed me to the emergency room, clearing everyone in the way of her "Whit Whit" getting the help she required. Her way of calming me was, "Whit, this is bad! Can you breathe? You look like Hitch! What is going to happen to my Whit Whit?" Carmen is about as calm as a sideline Nick Saban on an Alabama false start. It's fine. I'm used to it. Her family's Cuban adds the perfect spice to our Cajun family heat. 

In her defense, it was true. I looked other-worldly. The ER doctor was so handsome that I made Carmen pull up Facebook to show him what I usually look like. Not that I was some raving beauty, but I certainly looked better than the anaphylactic, distorted balloon-face he was currently witnessing. 

So maybe we should listen to what they say: life is short. Eat dessert first. 

Easy Key Lime Pie

Graham Cracker Crust

1 6 oz can of limeade concentrate

12 oz Cool Whip

1 can condensed milk

Mix ingredients and pour in the pie crust. Freeze and serve from frozen. 

Plan B: Sara Lee Key Lime Pie is fire.