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Tomato Pie

This is Mrs. Glenda's recipe for Tomato Pie. It's the best and only Tomato Pie recipe you'll need.  I love when I've found "The Recipe". I finally found "the one" for Chili. Same goes for broiled shrimp and pumpkin bread and jambalaya and a few more.  Mrs. Glenda, from Wichita Falls, Texas says "tomato pie" like a Texan, with an emphasis on the "o" in "tomato" and the long "i" in "pie". I say it like a south Louisianian, with a subtle flat accent, eliminating certain vowels and extending others: "T'mata Piae". I prefer the way she says it.  Tomato Pie 3 large tomatoes (firm) slice fairly thin and drain on paper towels. Salt 1 pie crust- bake as directed. Prick...

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Tarte á la Bouille

As long as I can remember, my grandmother's maid, Emma, would make Tarte a la Bouille pies. I could live on them. They are delicious warm, they are delicious cold. When I think of pies, I think of this. It's much different than what we think of in a traditional pie. This contains custard with a sweet dough crust. (We sometimes call them Cream Pie.)  Emma says she didn't have a recipe. We were all panicked at her funeral.  When I lived in Birmingham in my late 20s, I ate at a "Meat and Three". We didn't have those kinds of words and menu options in south Louisiana. It was good, and I even chose a dessert. One looked so similar...

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Best Summertime Recipes: Key Lime Pie

Mom gave me this recipe when I lived in Atlanta. She said she's had this recipe since high school. I lived in Buckhead with my cousin, Carmen, for 8 weeks the summer before my senior year in college. I had an internship at a corporate Psychology firm downtown, and it was fun playing house, trying new recipes with my cousin. Carmen thought my easy recipes were delicious! This was also the summer that I made broiled shrimp and 72 hours later, she frantically rushed me to the emergency room, clearing everyone in the way of her "Whit Whit" getting the help she required. Her way of calming me was, "Whit, this is bad! Can you breathe? You look like Hitch!...

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